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Renew & Reserve Items @ NPL

My Items

Patrons can vist the "My Items" page of the Online Catalog to view their account status & activity at NPL.

Summary statements concerning items checked out, items reserved, fines owed, and bookbags are at the top. If the record is blocked from circulation, a warning message also displays asking you to call library staff for assistance.  

Visit the NPL Catalog and login to your account with your library card number & 4-digit PIN. 

How do I . . .

Library staff can help you renew, reserve and request books with a call to (417) 448-2770 or an email at  Learn how to use NPL's Online Catalog to do these tasks from the "My Items" control page.

my Items

To renew items that you currently have on your NPL card account, follow the steps below. 

  1. Log into your account on NPL's online catalog.

  2. Click the "My items" button. 

  3. Click the "Items Out" tab. 

  4. Click the small white box next to the item that you wish to renew (or the Select All button) then click the blue "Renew" button. 

  5. Log out.

NOTE: If an item has a reserve on it for another patron, the renewal for that item will fail and it is due on the original date.


To reserve an item, begin by using any of the OPAC search tools to generate results.
Then click the item's title to open the Full Details pop-up.
Click the Holdings tab to view a list of each copy (grouped by location as applicable) along with its status (i.e., in, out, on reserve, etc.).
Click the Reserve button (next to a specific copy).

NOTE: Items that are currently on the shelf can not be reserved and an error message occurs. You may call or email the library and a staff member will assist you by pulling the book and holding it at the circulation desk for three business days.
You may be prompted to log on if you have not done so already and then the Reserves pop-up displays, asking you to confirm the reservation.

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