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Getting a library card...

The Nevada Library District is fixed by the boundaries of the City of Nevada. The Library is financed by a real estate tax that is levied on property within the city limits.

Types of Library Cards

Full-Access Library Card

  • City of Nevada Residents 

Nevada Public Library will issue library cards without charge to the City of Nevada residents and members of households that pay Nevada city property taxes.

  • Vernon County Residents

A fee of $25.00 per household will be charged annually for individuals living outside of city limits and who do not own property in the city.

  • Minors

Patrons 17 years old or younger will be issued a Youth All-Access Library Card. A parent or guardian must agree to accept financial responsibility for the access, care, and return of library materials checked out to the child.

Digital Access Library Cards

Digital Access Cards are available to Vernon County residents to access library PCs, NPL’s digital collections, and databases. These digital collections are already included with a Full-Access Library Card. 


Digital Access Library Cards provide access only to online research databases and streaming or downloadable digital content available through Nevada Public Library. No physical materials may be checked out with this card.


A Digital Access Library Card may be converted to an All-Access Library Card by providing photo identification and proof of current address or payment of the annual membership fee.

Nevada Public Library Policy Manual as approved by Board of Trustees   Last revised 02/23/2023   Circulation Policy

Registering for your Library Card

Residents of the city of Nevada and surrounding areas may apply for a library card at the library's service desk during business hours. Registration for a Digital Access card must also be completed in person at the library.

Full-Access Card: Adult patrons, ages 18 and up, are asked to provide a current, government-issued photo ID and proof of residence (see list below) at the time of registration.


Digital Access Card: If proof of residence or a current, government-issued photo ID is not available, a card will be issued as a Digital Access Card. Individuals must provide one or the other.


Children, ages birth-17, may be registered for a library card by a parent or guardian who has already established an account at Nevada Public Library and will sign as the responsible party for the account.


Library staff will collect contact information for library use only and patrons will be contacted by their preferred means (phone or e-mail).


A photo of each new patron will be taken at registration & will accompany the library record for identification purposes.

Examples of Proof of Residence:

Items must include the name & address of the applicant (or responsible party, if child card application) on the documentation and must be dated within the past 30 days of application.

-a postmarked piece of mail

-a utility bill (paper or e-bill)

-a mortgage statement

-a lease agreement with address, landlord’s signature, and tenant’s signature

-a medical document with the applicant’s name & address

-a paystub

Documents with PO Box will not satisfy the proof of residence requirement.

You must present your own library card to check out items and to use the library's computers.

Library cards are valid for one year and may be renewed upon patron request at expiration.

If you have lost your library card, we can issue you a replacement card for $1.00.

Nevada Public Library Policy Manual as approved by Board of Trustees   Last revised 02/23/2023   Circulation Policy


Anyone under the age of 18 will need a signature from a parent or legal guardian who has established a patron account at Nevada Public Library.

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