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Polk shares library changes and news with local Rotary club

July 13th Nevada MO Rotary featured speaker, Jodi Polk, Executive Director of Nevada Public Library for the past 10 years. She shared events for the past year that have led to the upcoming new facet of library services. The library is supported by Nevada City taxes, so those folks who live outside the city limits and don't pay those taxes may join for $25 a year. This covers everyone within that household and the fee has not changed in the 25 years it has been in effect. In 2023, the library applied for grants and has been awarded $65,000 for particular projects, in addition to the operational funds generated with the tax. The first project that started in January was to upgrade the library's server. The first $8,500 was used to increase the network security, put in the new server, and downloaded new software in their Chromebooks to allow for printing and make them more user-friendly. A grant was applied for through the Dollar General Literacy Foundation program, designed to build literacy and comprehensive understanding for non-traditional learners in the area. This would cover adults who wanted to improve their reading and comprehension skills. Most of the existing materials are designed to help children and don't appeal to or satisfy teenagers and adults. The library was awarded $3,000 to accomplish this worthwhile goal and hopefully reduce any stigma that may come with this status. Over 200 youngsters have participated in the Summer 8-week reading program. An LSTA grant was awarded to NPL for just under $5,000.00. The summer reading program covers pre-school through adults. The big project is a $48,467 grant awarded to the library to join the Missouri Evergreen project. The Consortium connects Missouri Public Libraries to promote excellent library services throughout Missouri. This will allow patrons to request books from member libraries, just like they are just two different branches of the same system.

Members of the Evergreen project have access to over 5 million items statewide, through over 60 libraries. Our library patrons can expect a new library catalog, an easy-to-use mobile app, reduced wait time on requested popular titles, and optional text notifications. Great things are happening at Nevada Public Library!! For more information, contact Jodi Polk, Executive Director, or visit the library!

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